Taro Village formerly known as Bhumi Sarwaada, is one of an ancient village in Bali related to the arrival of Mahayogi Rsi Markandeya who thought about Hinduism and agricultural system in Bali Called Subak. With his legacy still inheritted up to present generation, makes Taro village as an ideal place to explore culturally and naturally. As agriculture is still the main occupation of the local, it makes most of Taro nature is nicely preserve.

We are more than happy to walk you through our magical sacred forest, lush tropical gardening plantation and green rice fields. if we are early enough. We may find birds singing melodies on gigantic trees. The most interesting part is the river trekk. We start the journey from a Balinese Home. Where you will learn about Balinese compund and its sturcture. A freshly brewed Balinese coffee then to be served accompanied by crispy fried Banana ‘godoh” with a magnificinet view of a river gorges and caves.

You will be guided to descend the river gorges called ‘Sampih’ and then walk through gigantic stones on the river flow, passing through breathaking canyon over shaky bamboo bridge. The trip is ended in the local purification place called Yeh Pikat, where people is bathe to purify the body, sould and mind ina a natural fresh spring water. The best part of this trip is the water fall, where you will be welcomed by a magical 8 meter river falls. A local Balinese poridge is serve in the river to complete this one of a lifetime experience.


PRICE FOR : IDR 500.000/ person min 2 persons


  • Hotel pickup/transfer, mineral water, lunch.