About Us

Taro Village

Taro is one of ancient vilage available in Bali. It is strongly related to the arrival of Maha Rsi Markandeya, a holy priest from India who travelled to Bali through east Java to teach Hinduism in Bali. The most popular sites related to this legacy is the Gunung Raung temple and sacred white cows called Duwe Lembu Putih.

Farming is the majority of the local occupation, where endless plantation and wide vast of rice terrace is easily found in the region. Taro also has beautiful natural landmarks such as sacred jungle of Alas Taro, Yeh Pikat river with 10 meters waterfall and unique culture and traditions preserved by the local.

Tegal Dukuh

Tegal Dukuh is one of 13 farming areas available at Taro village. Each section has its own name, and consists of a number of Farming Group. As you can imagine, most of this area is naturally green and fresh. Where plenty of trees, fruits and vegetables are grown.

Tegal Dukuh Camp is a unique natural campsite where hundreds of gigantic palm trees are neatly planted on the campgound creates a shady, rustic, jungle atmosphere. Making your camping experience unique and extraordinary. There is no place on earth you can find such magical place.

When you visit our place, you will be greeted by our family, not just a staff. We hope you will feel like home.